Next Level Racing Wheel Stand for Logitech , Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels


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Don’t just improve your desk or table racing setup with other wheel stands on the market. The Next level steering wheel stand has been designed specifically to give you the full simulator experience.

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When purchasing the Next Level steering wheel stand you can always upgrade it to a full blown cockpit later down the track!

Don’t just improve your desk or table racing setup with other wheel stands on the market. The Next level steering wheel stand has been designed specifically to give you the full simulator experience. The groundbreaking design* not only looks fantastic but has an adjustable wheel height, puts your gear shifter in the most realistic position as well as an inclined pedal plate, which is also fully adjustable. It can be used as a Logitech G27 stand and comes with many other benefits:

– Market leading in terms of design, quality, features and functionality.
– Designed and built for maximum rigidity and weighing a solid 16kg.
– Folds away in a 1-Step action in less than 5 seconds.
– Can stand vertically by itself when folded to be hidden in the cupboard or tucked away horizontally under the bed.

*Patent Pending

“A few laps of hard driving and i was impressed.. I was also able to be very aggressive with all of the pedals, gearshift and wheel without them moving.

Overall i give the unit 5/5”


“I found the stand to be absolutely solid in operation, there was no shaking or wobble from force feedback or from my wheel handling. The open frame design of the stand makes it easy to heel and toe as there is no centre pole to get in the way. After use you can fold the stand for storage in seconds.

Overall i’d rate it : 9/10″

Dual arm support for rock solid stability (no uncomfortable/annoying pole between your legs)
– Fully adjustable steering wheel height
– Pedals are situated at a realistic inclined angle and the pedal plate is also fully adjustable to to have your pedals closer or further from you
– Perfect and realistic gear shifter position
– Rubber protectors for stability as well as protecting your floor
– Checker Plated pedal plate
Folds away in less than 5 seconds, easy 1-step action!
– This steering wheel stand has the ability to stand vertically by itself when folded to hide behind a door or can be tucked away horizontally underneath the bed
– Comes almost fully assembled so you can start racing in minutes.

– Suits children from 6 years all the way to 7ft tall adults.
– Compatible with all wheel and pedal setups as well as being pre-drilled for Logitech G27, Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels and includes screws to hard mount

– Next Level Racing Wheel Stand
– Gear shifter adaptor
Screws to hard mount your Logitech G27, Fanatec or Thrustmaster wheel
– Comes almost fully assembled so you will be up and racing in minutes
– Tools included for assembly.

Available Upgrades
Upgrade your Next Level Wheel Stand to the GTultimate Racing or Flight Simulator Cockpit with the following accessories:
– Monitor Stand to hold 1-3 screens
– Flight add on pack to turn into a Flight Simulator
– Keyboard and Mouse Stand
– GTultimate seat turn the wheelstand into a full Racing Simulator
If you are looking for a Logitech G27 stand of high quality and at a great price you have come to the right place!

Please note steering wheel, pedals and gear shifter pictured are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.

*Patent Pending

8 reviews for Next Level Racing Wheel Stand for Logitech , Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels

  1. Good Stand

    Been using it for a while now and it is definitely way better than using a desk as this stand does not move at all and its fairly easy to move this stand and to set it up in different rooms as I enjoy sim-racing games on the xbox and PC. The only minor problems is that the piece that mounts the wheel to the stand was loose but a few washers fixed this problem and now its rock solid. Thanks Pagnian!

  2. Great stand very sturdy and ability to add a seat makes it very worth while

    Got sick of using my coffee table so thought I’d try this stand after seeing it reviewed on an American show which they had reviewed others and this got the best feedback.Well it’s absolutely fantastic so sturdy easy to use which I had the room for the whole setup would love to have the cockpit,At least it’s possible to add a seat hopefully when I get the room super quick delivery as well cheers guys.

  3. 10/10

    This stand is amazing. I bought it on a Wednesday night and received it Friday morning at my door. I was shocked to see how quick the shipping was and so I set it up right away.

    Set up was pretty easy although I did find that the holes to mount the G27 gear shifter were slightly out of align although this was an easy fix with a drill to just widen them a bit. I also had to remove the back clamp piece from the shifter so that it would fit on. All this was pretty easy though and once I had mounted everything, it was sturdy as.

    After using the stand for a week now, I can safely say that it is perfect. It is incredibly strong and rigid and nothing moves at all as everything is now hard mounted. The quality is amazing.

    I also didn’t want anything too big for my room as I couldn’t fit a full cockpit, but this stand folds up so that I can just lean it up against the wall. It’s easy as to fold and unfold and it saves me having to plug all the cords in each time I go to use it.

    Overall I would have no problem giving this stand a 10/10. It does a much better job that clamping the wheel to the desk and it’s easy to use and fold up plus heaps more sturdy than any other stands. Very much worth the buy!

  4. Super solid, Quality is way better than i thought absolute 5 star. This thing doesn’t move it’s rock solid, the design is awesome everything is fully adjustable and it folds flat with everything attached including the gear shifter. Only negative is that i purchased at full price and paid $299, my bloody luck!

  5. Amazed

    This is the first wheel stand I have ordered as I had always raced with my wheels connected to my desk.

    Well what can I say I am amazed at the different this stand makes to ones driving experience. You feel the force feedback though the stand even to your feet and since the wheel and gearbox is ( G25 though I have a fanatec CSR package on order from these guys) securely bolted to the stand they will not come loose at the worse place during a race which always happen when you play with your wheel connected to a desk.

    The Racing Cockpits are great but for me I just don’t have the room but with this stand it gives you the best racing setup in a confined space. At $299 this stand is a steal and I recommend it to any would be racer out there that does not have the room or funds for the full racing cockpits also available from Next Level Racing though Pagnian Imports.

    Talking of Pagnian Imports their sales service is second to none. As soon as they have your order and recived payment they send the goods ( if in stock of course) and you do get it the next day and considering they do not charge for freight this is a amazing service. I highly recommend ordering your racing equipment though Pagnian Imports you will not be disappointed.

  6. I’ve been on the lookout for a cockpit, to hopefully improve my times, but definitely improve my overall enjoyment. I toyed with the idea of getting a model with an inbuilt seat but there’s both the high price and the size factor. I’ve got an L-shaped desk and I had just been clamping my G27 wheel and gear stick to that, with the carpet providing some resistance to nearly hold my pedals in place.

    It doesn’t quite work though and often during a racing I’ll be trying to drag the pedals back to their optimal position, or worse yet, trying to very quickly reattach my steering wheel to the desk after I yanked it free in a hard bout of opposite lock. I play a fair bit of games that use the H-shifter and I’d also like to have it in a more natural position, down lower near my leg, rather than on the same level as the wheel.

    My solution to this problem, given all the parameters, was the Next Level Racing Wheel, a sturdy frame that provides mounting points to screw in a G27 kit, wheel, pedals and shifters.

    The package arrived via rather large cardboard box, almost fully assembled. The out of the box experience was great and the frame was of high quality solid construction with an attractive pearl black enamel finish.

    The only work on my part was fixing the gear shift lever on my preferred side (left) and then attaching the G27 components using the supplied allen key screws. All hole lined up perfectly and all screws went in with minimum of fuss, a positive sign of a quality build process. Another bonus, which I found thoughtful, was the inclusion of four velcro strips which I used to tuck the various cables of my G27 into the frame. After about 15 minutes of assembly I was plugged in and doing laps in my favourite racing simulator.

    The first few minutes of driving were spent adjusting the pedals, sliding them further back, and raising the height of the wheel, which also raises the height of the gearshift. The wheel height extension arms have holes at regular intervals into which you can screw a bolt, but I found it possible to still have a sturdy setup with the screws firmly screwed in against the metal.

    A few laps of hard driving later and I was impressed. The entire structure is solidly planted to the ground, a combination of the weight of the unit and rubber feet preventing movement on my carpet floored ‘study’. I was also able to be very aggressive with all of the pedals, gearshift, and wheel without them moving; the hand screw adjustable pedal base remaining locked.

    When I’m not playing racing games I simply unplug the USB cable from my PC and drag the frame off of the side. It also folds up vertically so it can be stored in a cupboard (or under a bed?), for those people who have their PC’s in a more open space or use it for a wheel on a console plugged in to their lounge room television.

    Overall I give the unit 5/5 and I’ve got no complaints with what was supplied. If I could do anything to improve the package it would be to provide a way to secure the wheels on my chair to the frame, at a positioning of my choosing. This would ensure a perfect driving position.

    Pros: Easy to assembly, Sturdy, Meets functional requirements
    Cons: A mess of cables if you want to pack it up against a wall (not really a con, but I had to mention something)

  7. So after months of searching for the perfect stand (live in a shared apartment so simulator is out the question) i like what i saw with the Next Level Wheel Stand as it looked like a stable design.

    My main issues with other wheel stands was either having a single pole design which i have seen is very unstable and not as rigid as i would like. Also the pole between your leg is a pain for heel and toe when driving manual. Although i couldn’t find reviews for the Next Level Wheel Stand i decided to purchase it anyhow as it had features that other stands didn’t and i loved the look of it.

    Well i can say that this wheel stand is fantastic. It doesn’t wobble like the other designs i had seen and this was my main concern with a wheel stand. The quick adjustability is great for when the mates are around and the sliding pedal plate is brilliant for adjusting distance of the pedals.

    I’m using the stand with a G27 and everything was pre-drilled for the wheel, pedals and shifter and even included the screws to hard mount them!

    Finally i was very impressed with the quality and it looks much better than a wheel stand ever has. Very happy with my purchase, i pre-ordered this along with a mat for it and i can say it was definitely worth the wait!

    Hopefully this review helps others as i couldn’t find any reviews myself when purchasing as it was a new product.

  8. I ordered one of your wheelstands on Friday – and it’s here already! Sweet! Super fast service. Now I just have to set it up. 🙂

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